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Welcome to Lauer Machine & Mfg. Ltd.

Celebrating 50 years
     1973 - 2023



2022 Doosan Machining Centre 

With X-axis travel of 2100mm, too long is not a worry any more.

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To learn more about MFG Day and how it helps our community, click the link below

MFG (Manufacturing) Day – Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

Lauer Machine was featured in a video for Manufacturing Day Ontario 2022.

We can satisfy all your machining needs.  See our list of departments below.










5-axis 3.jpg

                          5 - Axis Multi-tasking Machining 

                                  BROTHER SPEEDIO M140X2

        Turning and milling on the same machine?  Really?  YES!

One of our newest machines features an A and C axis, 2,000 rpm turning spindle, 16,000 rpm milling spindle resulting in complex and accurate parts in one set-up.  It's capabilities also include the fastest turning spindle and tool changer in its class.
                        Multi-faced machining is now possible!!!  


EDM Department



[ The Tallest Robocut Fanuc Wire EDM on the Market]

        Specializing in tall-part wire EDM to tolerances of .001 mm.

With auto wire feed and rotary index head and much much more. 

  Anything is possible now with this fantastic new machine cutting anything from aluminum to stainless to carbide! 


[ CNC Lathe Division ]

3 Sizes Of CNC Lathes To Suit Your Needs.  We Even Have Live Tooling

Y-axis to Make The Job Go That Much Faster.


[ Vertical CNC Milling ]


At the Front Of Our Shop Are Our 3 Vertical CNC Mills. From Compact And Robust To Large & Powerful, We Have The Right Machine For The Job.


[ Vertical CNC Milling ]


Our Largest CNC Mill Is A Toshiba Horizontal With Pallet Changing Capabilities To Allow Set-UP Of The Next Job While Machining.


[ CMM Measurment Analysis ]


Are you not too sure if it is in tolerance, want to see what dimensions you need to hit.  Bring it here for us to fully inspect and verify on 1 of our 2 NIST tracible CMM's.


[ Cylindrical Grinding]


You name it, we can grind it.

Flat stock, ID and OD cylindrical grinding is what we are geared for.


[ CAD Design & Programming ]


We are in the lead with our CNC Programmers being up to date with the latest MasterCam training and MasterCam software.


[ Honing Department]


Providing the final sizing and creating the desired finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylinder bores to .0001 tolerance.


[ Fabrication ]


Are you feeling creative and looking for someone to bring your project to reality?  Consult with our in-house designers for all your custom needs.

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