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Celebrating 50 years
     1973 - 2023

Owned & Managed by Aaron Pilatzke

[ Licenced Tool & Die / Mould Maker ]


"From ideas to documented processes and procedures, we can provide the service you need with credibility to back it up."


The Lauer Machine Story



Lauer Machine is a fast paced modern machine shop that started in 1973 and has now been in business for 50 years. What started as a single woman operation in a small garage, has now grown to include 30+ employees. 


Specializing in Medical Injection Molding and Consumer Product Molds, we also service the aerospace/defense sector along with the Nuclear and Energy sectors as well.  We are constantly updating machines, tooling, machining processes and always advancing into new technology. 

Our machine shop comprises of 3 locations, all in the Orangeville area.  Our main location at present has approximately 10 000 sq/ft of shop space, our second location is approximately 6 000 sq/ft and our third location is approximately 3 000 sq/ft but wait until Summer 2022 when we double our factory size! 


We can accommodate almost any machining / fabrication needs you may have. From stainless steel to aluminum, copper, bronze, titanium, Inconel and all tool steels, there isn't anything that we cannot work with.


For all aspects of machining and fabrication please contact Aaron Pilatzke or Sheryl Beatty.


We are located just an hour north of Toronto on the west side of Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

Please contact us with any questions or quoting requests you may have.


Thanks for visiting!

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